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With the good wishes and the blessings of Shri Acharyaratna Deshbhooshan Muniraj, a group of enlightened persons belonging to the Digambar Jain Community in Kolhapur established an educational institute (Trust) named as ‘Shri Acharyaratna Deshbhooshan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Kolhapur (Maharashtra State) on 29th April, 1963. Shri Acharyaratna Deshbhooshan Muniraj was one of the most revered saints among the Jains. It was in the same year i.e. in 1963, a Secondary School was started by the Mandal. The managing body of the then Trustees comprised of the respected personalities viz. Dadoba Chougule, Baburao Kapse, Adv. V. P. Patil, D. Y. Mench, B. B. Patil, G. M. Rote, Dr. Vilas Sangave, B. M. Rote, R. J. Shah, D. A. Tike, K. D. Pokale, K. M. Jirage and a some others. 

The major objectives behind the inception of the Sanstha were promotion of character building, value based education, cultural enrichment, upliftment of the students of weaker sections and the downtrodden and social inclusion. The founder members of the institution chose ‘Sheelam Param Bhooshanam’ as its motto. It is the character of the youth of a nation that decides its course of life, its tenor and its socio-cultural fabric. So any educational institute, apart from developing other faculties in an individual, must lay stress on character building and transmission of values. In the last 57 years, this institution has made its mark in the public life of Kolhapur city and the region. 

At present, the institution with its constant quest of excellence is competing with global trends in higher education under the able guidance of our President Hon’ble Kallappanna Awade, Chairman Adv. K. A. Kapse and Secretary M. B. Gargate   and other respected members of the body. 

Adv. K. A. Kapse



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